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What is Kong Filter?

What is Kong Filter?

 Kong Filter is a real time dynamic filter program for PowerMacintosh.
 You can create poles and zeros on the complex plane (or z-plane), and move them around with mouse or with MIDI messages. You can check its impulse and frequency response, and hear the filtered sound in real time.

 Kong Filter can be used as an educational tool. But my main aim is to make this program as an electroacoustic compositional tool. Since you can control poles by MIDI messages, it’s possible to create motional filter and use with some live sound sources on the stage. Kong Filter uses Apple's MIDI Manager, so you can use a nice MIDI tool (e.g. MAX from Opcode) to manipulate the filter.

A Filter

 A filter consists of five kinds of window: main window, z-plane, impulse reponse window, pole configuration window, and pole sets window. You can create a filter by choosing New Filter menu. You can’t use more than one filter at the same time, but a filter can have more than one pole set. When you have two or more pole sets, you can choose one of them quickly either by a mouse click or by a MIDI program change message.

Download Kong Filter for Mac

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Kong Filter 0.6 / compressed w/ Stuffit
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System Requirements

From Mac OS 7.1 up to Mac OS 9.2

Compatibility notes

System Requirements

System 7.1 or later
Sound Manager 3.1 or later

uses Apple Midi Manager, not OMS


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