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Publisher: Akira Rabelais
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On: 2018-08-25 23:36:03
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What is Argeïphontes Type?

Argeïphontes Type is an aesthetically-attuned font viewer by Akira Rabelais for Mac OS 9.

Argeïphontes Type is a font browsing utility for the Macintosh. It scans volumes, Cds, nested folders or folders for font files (ResTypes 'FFIL' & 'tfil') and displays them for your convenience. As a freelance graphic designer I often need to quickly browse through CDs for just the right typeface. I'm sure you know what a pain it is, on the CD there is a folder called 'fonts 98' or 'my fonts' or something like that, and in that folder is several other folders called 'script', 'serif', 'sans', 'calligraphy', 'fish'... and inside each of those folders is a set of folders from a to z with lots of files and, well, you get the picture. By the time you do all that clicking and opening and closing of folders and files you've got tendentious. So I wrote this utility to do all the work. It scans the folders you want and makes a list of the fonts it finds. You can then quickly navigate through hundreds of files names or slideshow through the list. There is a second window, (the 'ESC Window' which you get to it by hitting the ESC key), where several point sizes of a font are overlayed with the character set. For a full list of features please read the accompanying info file.


Download Argeïphontes Type for Mac

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System Requirements

From Mac OS 8.6 up to Mac OS 9.2

Compatibility notes

I don't know exactly, probably MacOS 8-9

Emulating this? It should run fine under: SheepShaver

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