Argeïphontes Recalcitrance

Publisher: Akira Rabelais
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On: 2018-08-25 23:06:19
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On: 2018-08-25 23:50:30
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What is Argeïphontes Recalcitrance?

Argeïphontes Recalcitrance is an odd utilty from musician/artist Akira Rabelais. Basically, if you turn it loose on a given folder hierarchy, it will re-name your files. And re-name them with eccentric obscure words. This can be a nice way to shake up the creative process if one feels to familiar with the material one is working with. Suddedenly, you are re-discovering your files for tyhe first time.

Obviously, this needs to be used with caution

Argeïphontes Recalcitrance, the art of file names.
A rather fine collection of file names and file name filters
implemented most tastefully. Drag and drop renaming available.
Makes a truly enchanting addition to any Macintosh PowerPC.
Current name lists include: Airports, Aristotle & Plato, Colours,
Constellations, Countries, Diseases, Dostoevsky, Elements,
Extended ASCII, F. Baum & E. A. Poe, Female, Finnegan's Wake,
Greek Mythology, Gothic Bible, Herbs, Himmeldonnerwetter!,
Irish Swahili Welsh, J. Austen, L. Sterne, Le Monde Dieu,
Logodaedalian, Lojban, Male, Ports & Harbours, O. Wilde, P. Neruda,
Pidgin Pitcairn, Plutarch & Tacitus, Rabelais, Revelations (Latin),
Romance Novels, Stars and When I Asked The Cat.
File name filters include: Fixed Search and Replace,
Offset Numerical Values, Remove Specific Word, Add Specific Prefix,
Add Specific Suffix, Random Number, Transparent Names,
Name and Sequential Number, Sequential By Creation Date,
Sequential By Modification Date, All Uppercase and All Lowercase.
Additional functionality includes support for user defined name lists,
batch file lock/unlock and make invisible/visible.



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System Requirements

From Mac OS 8.6 up to Mac OS 9.2

Compatibility notes

I used it under OS 9, and don't know its compatibility with earlier systems.

Emulating this? It could probably run under: SheepShaver

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