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  • TheMouse2B's Control Panel window 

What is TheMouse2B 1.1?

TheMouse2B is a Control Panel which makes the second button on a multi-button mouse act like a control-click (i.e. in the Finder it brings up the contextual menu). TheMouse2B allows you to configure the second button to act like a single-click, double-click or even a click-lock.

It is mouse "brand independent" and ideally suited for using with the SheepShaver emulator which does not have "Right-Click" (or USB) mouse support built-in, as yet.

It is also now a Freeware - so the Shareware notices in the DL archive can be ignored.

Here is a quote from kelvin31415 on the E-Maculation forum:

FYI, I have been in touch with the author of TheMouse2B, and he has kindly consented to consider it freeware -- you need not feel guilty about using it without paying the shareware fee. He was delighted to hear that something he wrote years ago is still proving useful.

Download TheMouse2B 1.1 for Mac

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System 7.0 - 7.6 - Mac OS 9 / compressed w/ Stuffit
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68K + PPC (FAT)

Compatibility notes

Architecture: 68k

68k encoded; Runs fine on PPC Macintosh.

Possibly can be used on earlier than Mac OS 8.0 OS's but is more suited for 8.0 - 9.2.2 for the "Ctrl Click" action to get a contextual menu.

Ideally suited to using with the SheepShaver Emulator (also Basilisk II), Mac OS 8.0 & later.

May have issues where an application, especially games software, takes away mouse control adding their own independent mouse controls for movement etc.

Emulating this? It could probably run under: SheepShaver

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