Trax - Desktop Music Recording Studio

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What is Trax - Desktop Music Recording Studio?

Trax uses the same graphic interface as Passport’s professional sequencer, Master Tracks Pro (see “Multitracking MIDI Master,” December '87, page 180). The program opens with the Track Sheet window, which contains the 64 available tracks, MIDI channel and instrument program-number assignments, and loops (play only). Below the Track Sheet are the Transport window, which contains the tape-recorder functions along with the measure and time indicators, and the Conductor window, in which you can change the time signatures and tempo.

Having selected a track and recorded some music, you can view that information as blocks of measures in the Song Editor window. To gain access to a specific note, you double-click on the correct measure in the Song Editor window. This brings up the Step Editor window, where you can edit the note’s velocity, pitch, rhythmic location, and duration. The Step Edit or window also contains all step-entry functions.

Trax includes some extra goodies to make recording a bit easier. To save valuable memory, you can choose to filter out incoming MIDI data, such as pitch bends, and controller information. To help you keep track of your verses, choruses, and cadenzas, Trax provides markers that you can name.

Trax is a solid, general-use sequencer, but it could use some of the higher-end functions found in more-powerful sequencers...

Breen, Christopher. (February 1991). Trax and EZ Vision. MacUser. (pgs. 94-95).

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Motorola 68K

Compatibility notes

Emulating this? It could probably run under: Basilisk II

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