Logic Platinum 5

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  • The startup screen. Don't expect much to see beyond this without the dongle. 
  • Logic Audio Platinum 5 CD contents preview 

What is Logic Platinum 5?

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Logic Platinum 5 offers countless creative options for MIDI and audio manipulation. It features extensive audio hardware support including TDM (Mac OS), OMF and OpenTL support, and is capable of 192 tracks of audio playback at up to 24Bit/96kHz rates, in a variety of audio formats. The audio functionality also incorporates a digital mixer with Surround Sound up to 7.1, over 50 high-quality audio effect plug-ins, and fully-automated, sample-accurate mixing facilities. The 32 Bit internal signal path ensures that audio quality remains pristine throughout, and the incorporated high-end POW-r dithering process provides master-quality results. Logic supports a virtually unlimited number of MIDI tracks with timing accuracy to 1/3,840 of a note. A wide range of synchronization options ensures that Logic Platinum connects easily to both the digital and analog worlds.

Most importantly for professionals working in music production, film scoring or post production facilities is Logic's renowned stability and reliability. This unique combination of tools, an elegant user interface, flexible working methods, rock-solid performance and a comprehensive development schedule make Logic Platinum the perfect software environment around which to base your studio.

Emagic Soft- und Hardware GmbH. (2002). Logic Audio Platinum. www.emagic.de/english/products/logic/lap.html

Download Logic Platinum 5 for Mac

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Mac OS 9 - Mac OS X / compressed w/ Stuffit
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Logic Platinum 5.4 for OSX / DMG image
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Emagic Logic Platinum 5 / Hybrid (PC/Mac) Toast CD image / Toast image
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System Requirements

From Mac OS 9.1

Compatibility notes

Minimum Requirements

  • PPC604e @ 250 MHz
  • 128 MB RAM
  • CD-ROM or DVD drive
  • Mac OS 9.1
  • Free USB port for XSKey

Hard Drive Requirements

  • Transfer rate > 3 MB / sec
  • Average access time < 10 ms
  • Sufficient capacity (approx. 5 MB per track minute)

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