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What is Alpha Trecker 2.0?

AlphaTrecker is an extension that plays Amiga MOD music files in the background while you work on your Mac.  It works OK, but the MOD files I tried were playing slower on some portions of the tune.  It does not seem related to the CPU usage, but more related to how the MOD file was interpreted by AlphaTrecker, so your mileage may vary.


What it is
AlphaTrecker is a new type of system extension made possible by Apple's System 7. It is a system extension, but it is not an "INIT." Rather, it is a faceless background application (FBA) that launches when you start or restart your Macintosh computer. Since it is an FBA, it need not include any provision for interaction with you, the user, so it can be a small file; because it is a true application and not an "INIT," it is very unlikely that it will conflict with other system extensions that do not also use the sound hardware.

What it does
The purpose of AlphaTrecker is one that has traditionally been done by "INITs"-it plays a sound when you start up your Mac. AlphaTrecker requires the new Sound Manager and the new File Manager in System 7. Since it is not an application in the traditional sense, you will find it hard to launch under previous systems, yet, even if you do manage to do so, AlphaTrecker will politely check its operating environment and silently quit. AlphaTrecker plays the sound asynchronously-that is, the sound plays while your Macintosh computer continues to do other tasks. AlphaTrecker is so named because it plays the same kind of sound as SoundTrecker, by Frank Seide. Such sounds are commonly known as "sound tracks" or as "MOD" files (from their Amiga file type).
If you install more than one sound track, AlphaTrecker plays them in a random order.
If AlphaTrecker can't access a soundtrack or has some other problem, it informs you with an alert box. If the alert comes up, and you don't respond to it, AlphaTrecker assumes you're away from your Macintosh, and cancels the alert itself after 30 seconds.

To install AlphaTrecker, drop it into your System Folder icon: the folder that looks like this-. Don't drop it into the open window of your System Folder.
AlphaTrecker does not come with any sounds. You must provide sounds for it; they are readily available. If no sound is available when AlphaTrecker looks for it, AlphaTrecker will silently quit. AlphaTrecker looks for SoundTrecker documents in the Preferences folder.
Installing the Sounds in the Preferences folder
Drop one or more sound tracks  into the Preferences folder, which is located within the System Folder.

Limitations and requirements
Because they both make use of the same hardware in the Macintosh, AlphaTrecker and my other program AlphaSound are incompatible. If you are currently using AlphaSound, you should remove it from your Extensions folder before installing AlphaTrecker.
AlphaTrecker requires features that at present are available only in System 7 (this includes 7.0, 7.0.1, and 7.1). Although the new Sound Manager is a part of System 6.0.7 and System 6.0.8, AlphaTrecker's use of the Preferences folder requires a feature present only in System 7. In addition, Frank Seide's sound-track playing software requires that your Macintosh have a 68020 or higher; therefore, AlphaTrecker does, too. If you install AlphaTrecker on a Macintosh with a 68000, it will simply do nothing.


Download Alpha Trecker 2.0 for Mac

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AlphaTracker v2.0 / compressed w/ Stuffit
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Motorola 68K

System Requirements

From Mac OS 7.0 up to Mac OS 9.2

Compatibility notes

Architecture: 68K (68020 or newer)

Mac OS 7.x - Mac OS 9.2.2

To install: Put the AlphaTrecker extension in your Extensions folder along with one or more MOD music files in your Preferences folder and reboot.  As soon as the desktop appears, AlphaTrecker will begin playing MOD music :P


Emulating this? It could probably run under: Basilisk II

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