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What is Maya 5?

Installing Maya (Mac OSX)

The installation procedure is fairly self-explanatory. If you are installing Maya 5.0 for the first time, double-click installMaya and follow the on-screen instructions. 

If a version of Maya 5.0 is already installed, you will need to uninstall the program by running the uninstall application located in /Applications/AliasWavefront/maya5.0/Maya5.0_Uninstaller. To ensure a clean install, we recommend removing the previous installation. If you are just installing another component into the same version, continue with the installation without performing an uninstall. Maya 5.0 and Maya 4.5 may co-exist on the same partition. However, be aware of which version of Maya you are running. If you run the 'Render' command in a terminal window, you should fully specify the directory path to ensure you are getting the version of the Maya renderer which you expect. 

  1. • Once you have inserted the CD, double click on the installer. Note: You cannot install Maya 5.0 for Mac OS X on a UFS formatted partition. Instead, Maya 5.0 for Mac OS X must be installed in a HFS or HFS+ Drive.
  2. • Next you are prompted for a privileged administrator login and password.
  3. • You will then be asked to select whether you want to install a Typical Install, Minimal Install or Custom Install of Maya. Unless you have space restrictions, we recommend you choose Typical Install. The Maya program will be installed in /Applications/AliasWavefront/maya5.0
  4. • If you select Custom Install, a dialog allowing you to choose Features and SubFeatures will be displayed. Choose the components that you want to install then click the Install button to install these components.
  5. • There are two agreements that must have their terms agreed to before you can continue with the installation. Please read these agreements before accepting them.
  6. • The option to install an alias to the Maya application has been added to the installer. The choice is yours if you wish to have one created or not.
  7. • A pre-installation summary will be presented to you with information regarding disk space requirements and application location. Please review before continuing.
  8. • The software will now be installed.

Download Maya 5 for Mac

Maya-5.dmg (150.12 MiB / 157.41 MB)
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Maya-5-0-Crack.dmg (157.41 KiB / 161.19 KB)
Setting up the License for Maya 5.0 OSX 10.2 / DMG image
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Compatibility notes


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