Virtual Cop Cyber-Mag Series

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What is Virtual Cop Cyber-Mag Series?


This INTERACTIVE TRADING CARD contains still artwork from the CD-ROM Cyber-Mag series Virtual Cop, plus information regarding characters in the series. Look for more Interactive Virtual Cop Trading Cards available on-line. Look for sneak previews of future issues of Virtual Cop as well as other Cyber-Mag series soon.

VIRTUAL COP is an ON-GOING INTERACTIVE VIDEO COMIC BOOK SERIES on CD-ROM available at a software store near you. These CD-ROM video comics (called CYBER-MAGs) tell stories through a multi-plane storytelling approach including a Main Story, Character Interviews, Technical Exhibits, Blueprints and Interactive Choices. The series premieres  with "Good Cop / Bad Cop," available APRIL 25th at your local software store followed by "The Angel Returns," and "Back In Blue," later this year. Virtual Cop is available at Software Etc., Computer City, Comp USA, Babbages, Media Play, Techno Comics, Price Costco, and other leading software retailers worldwide.  If you need further information regarding availability in your location, call Digital Entertainment at 1-800-728-4000 x3136.

Virtual Cop, episode one, ships on a single, hybrid CD-ROM that runs on both Macintosh and Windows multimedia computers. It comes with QuickTime for Macintosh and Windows and runs directly from the CD-ROM. It requires a double-speed CD-ROM drive and works on machines with 8 MB of memory or more. The product has been optimized to run on PowerPC computers. The retail price is just $24.95!

"TWO YEARS ON THE FORCE...THREE MORE BEFORE PAROLE" - John Copeland spends his waking hours in a blue uniform, fighting crime on the Virtual Police Force. Jo, his boss, is a tough cop who sees through his eyes and hears through his ears, directing Copeland through dangerous missions from her virtual reality relay station. At the end of the day, Jo goes to her apartment on 5th street...Copeland goes to his home...jail. Pursuing the smugglers of biological software (called wetware), Copeland stumbles on the nastiest hitman ever to face the Metro. His name is Viktor, an "Extractor," and what Copeland sees next is likely to cost him his life.

MAIN STORY - The main story is a video comic book with fantastic artwork, live action scenes and interactivity, allowing you to visually affect certain scenes by determining the action of the hero, John Copeland, Virtual Cop.

CHARACTER INTERVIEWS - At any point, you may browse a large list of questions to ask the Characters of Virtual Cop. For example the first question is "Is a Virtual Cop a Real Cop?" By Clicking on icons of Copeland, Jo, Kallid or Dan, you will get a different response.

COP FILES - Cop files contain a sleu of context-sensitive exhibits, allowing you to explore the world of Virtual Cop. Loaded with blueprints, tactile simulations, articles, mug shots and terminology, you get an opportunity to go deeper into the storytelling process.

Suggested Strategy - Each component of Virtual Cop (Main Story, Character Interviews, Cop Files) contain part of the story. For the most complete story experience, we recommend going through all three components of this on-going series. Unlike traditional media, Cyber-Mag provides a richer understanding of the story and its characters, while providing a comprehensive world-view, which will continue to unfold over future episodes.




Download Virtual Cop Cyber-Mag Series

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Virtual Cop Interactive Press Kit (DEMO) / compressed w/ Stuffit
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68K + PPC (FAT)

System Requirements

From Mac OS 7.0 up to Mac OS 9.2

Compatibility notes

Architecture: 68K + PPC (FAT)

At least 2.7MB of free RAM

Mac OS 7.x - Mac OS 9.2.2


Emulating this? It could probably run under: Basilisk II

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