ResEdit 2.1.3

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  • ResEdit view of the ResEdit application 

What is ResEdit 2.1.3?

ResEdit is an extensible stand-alone resource editor for the Macintosh computer. It's a powerful tool you can use to speed your software development process and to create icons, menus, and other resources for Macintosh programs and files.  ResEdit can quickly let you change creator/type codes or change a file visibility status.

See also: ResEdit v0.8 prototype (1985)



Download ResEdit 2.1.3 for Mac

resedit_2.1.3.img_.sea_.bin (451 KiB / 461.82 KB)
ResEdit v2.1.3 floppy disk image / Binary encoded, use Stuffit Expander
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ResEditReference.pdf (1.14 MiB / 1.2 MB)
ResEdit v2.1 documentation/reference from Apple (PDF)
279 / 2016-11-29 / bb070e35a2ba7c985a81f3e19344b183b0422adf / /


Motorola 68K

System Requirements

From Mac OS 6.0 up to Mac OS 9.2

Compatibility notes

Architecture: 68K

At least 1MB of RAM

Mac OS 6.x - Mac OS 9.2.2

Note: ResEdit 2.1.3 will run on any 68K or PPC Mac made after the Macintosh Plus.


Emulating this? It should run fine under: Basilisk II

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