Kaboom! 3.0

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What is Kaboom! 3.0?

Wild and wacky sounds for your personal computer. Kaboom! adds sounds to various actions on your Macintosh, such as emptying the trash, ejecting a disk, or chiming at the top and bottom of the hour.  Kaboom! Factory allows you to create and edit sounds.  This CD version contains over 1000 top quality sounds (including 8-bit and 16-bit versions).  By default, it installs 152 sounds.

Download Kaboom! 3.0 for Mac

Kaboom--3-0-Installer.sit (3.43 MiB / 3.6 MB)
This is the installer containing Kaboom!, Kaboom! Factory, and the 152 default sounds.
9 / 2018-02-10 / 430e39789255c2f51e9fb1c61fa1fe0b19d3afe8
Kbm--1-000-Sounds--8-bit-.sit (37.99 MiB / 39.83 MB)
This contains 1000 8-bit sound files from the Kaboom! CD.
5 / 2018-02-10 / cc9d8b0385ac018db2a68ecd690fa5e1ebc2cd13
Kbm--1-000-Sounds--16-bit-.sit (153.43 MiB / 160.88 MB)
This contains 1000 16-bit sound files from the Kaboom! CD.
3 / 2018-02-10 / 7d7381de34bb53f933c132b4e6dc0a2584a91839

Compatibility notes

The documentation says this is for Macintosh System Software 6.0.7 and above.  I have tested it on SheepShaver under Mac OS 9.0.4, and Basilisk II under Mac OS 7.5.3.  Not all actions trigger sounds under Mac OS 9.0.4.  I also noticed that the shutdown sound hangs both SheepShaver and Basilisk II during shutdown.  Disabling the shutdown sound in the Kaboom! Control Panel solves this issue.

Emulating this? It should run fine under: SheepShaver

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