Open Office build 062003RC3

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On: 2018-01-27 07:49:57
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What is Open Office build 062003RC3?

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Download Open Office build 062003RC3 for Mac

ooo103darwingm.dmg (171.25 MiB / 179.57 MB)
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26 / 2018-01-27 / 3ded461e39374c5b991efe8e674f363dcda5cc32 / /



Compatibility notes

Requires MacOS X 10.2 or DarwinPPC 6 and above

Please read this entire file carefully in order to properly install other applications needed to run 1.0.3 and to learn the limitations of this beta. This file will be placed on your hard disk by the installer.

This build is our first official release for DarwinPPC and MacOS X with X11. This application is stable enough to use in production environments where you do not require tight integration with MacOS X fonts, imaging, and user experience. If you're unfamiliar with X11, you should wait for the native version in development.

Special thanks to Dan Williams and the rest of the MacOS X volunteer porting team for an astounding effort that makes this port possible: Dan B., Scott H., Terry T., Jim W., Chad P., Richard S., Scott D., Patrick L., Meinhard M., Timothy, Kevin, asxless, all of the help from marketing and our testers and all you other anonymous dudes I may have forgotten!

Who should use this build?

This build is the DarwinPPC build that requires X11 to run. It is ideally targeted for developers and advanced MacOS X and Darwin users who are comfortable using X11. As such, it does not yet have a standard MacOS look and feel. Users who require a fully native MacOS X solution should wait for the Quartz or Aqua tracks' releases before using the software when X11 will no longer be required. If you are willing to use an X11 based product, this version is now stable enough for day to day use as your primary office productivity suite!

System Requirements 1.0.3 MacOS X (X11) requires the following to run:

  • MacOS X 10.2 or higher or Darwin 6.0 or higher.
  • 256 MB of memory to get decent performance. 512 MB recommended.
  • 300 MB free hard drive space for
  • 600 MB additional hard drive space for installation of auxiliary applications required to run
  • 1 GB additional free space on your System drive for use as swap space during installation and execution.
  • XFree86/XDarwin or Apple X11, dlcompat, ESP-Ghostscript 7.05, fondu, and libfreetype 6.2+. The installer will attempt to detect whether you are missing any of these required components and install them for you.
  • G4/400 or higher recommended

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