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What is Motosfera?


MotoSfera simulates the motion of a ball over a 3D surface. You can choose between three different surfaces. The best one, I guess, is
sin (X^2+Y^2).
Once MotoSfera is started, just set the initial speed conditions by choosing 'initial speed' from the 'speed' menu. You have to set the amplitude of the speed (meter/sec) and its angle (degrees) by clicking on the boxes of the window (up for increasing the speed amplitude, down for decreasing the amplitude, clockwise for turning the initial amplitude clockwise, counterclockwise if you want to turn it to the opposite direction). You will see the initial speed on the diagram showed on the right of the window.

Every click increases or decreases the set value of one step. Don't keep the mouse button down for a continuos decreasing (increasing) because I'm not able to recognise this situation (sigh).

After you set up the initial speed, just click on the Ok button. Then you can select the surface you want (Functions menu) and the program will start. You can have fun by setting different values of friction or different masses for the ball (menus Mass and Friction).

If you select zero friction (Zero under the menu Friction) the ball will never stop (I hope?) untill you don't click on the menu bar.


Download Motosfera for Mac (757.27 KiB / 775.45 KB)
Motosfera version 970922 with PDF docs / Floppy disk DSK image / Zipped
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Compatibility notes

The program has been written in Think Pascal.
I tested motosfera on the following Apple Macs:

•    Mac Plus (system 6.07, system 7.0)
•    Mac Classic (system 6.07)
•    Mac SE/30 (system 6.07, FPU)
•    Mac IIcx (system 6.07 & system 7.0, FPU)
•    Powerbook 145 (system 7.1)
•    Powerbook 160 (system 7.1)
and it worked fine.


MotoSfera comes in three versions:

•    MotoSfera.10
•    MotoSfera.10 68020
•    MotoSfera.10 68030 FPU

If you own a Mac Plus, Classic, a 512K or even the proud 128K, just use MotoSfera.10. It has been compiled for the 68000 µProcessor.
If you own Mac with the 68020 µProcessor, use MotoSfera.10 68020. In case you have a 68030 machine with FPU you'd better use
MotoSfera.10 68030 FPU.


Emulating this? It should run fine under: SheepShaver

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