WWDC 1994 New Technology Parthera and Associate Edition

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What is WWDC 1994 New Technology Parthera and Associate Edition?

This disc includes Mozart Beta (version 7.5) via 7 disk images, install disk 1–7 and Disk Tools.image, Debug.image and Only for Localization.image.

This Mozart Beta Seed includes the following features:
    • Active Assistance with Apple Guide 
    • Macintosh Drag and Drop for applications
    • Simplified more intuitive printing with QuickDraw GX
    • Advanced text and graphics support with QuickDraw GX 
    • Automation with AppleScript and a new scriptable Finder
    • Collaborative computing with PowerTalk and the Macintosh Telephony Architecture
    • Multitasking support with Thread Manager
    • Installer 4.0
    • Asynchronous I/O with SCSI Manger 4.3
all in one reference release!
In addition to Mozart's key features, this release incorporates Macintosh PC Exchange, Macintosh Easy Open, MacTCP and specialized mobile operating system support for PowerBook users.
That summer, Mozart was to be released with shipping 68K, PowerPC Macintosh and Powerbook computers, supporting Apple Guide, QuickDraw GX Printing and Macintosh Drag and Drop.

If you would like additional information about Mozart technologies and implementation, please refer to the file titled “Mozart Technology Overview” in the cutomer folder on this Beta CD.   

The Mozart Beta seed was released for evaluation purposes only.


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