Apple E.T.O. (Essentials - Tools - Objects) 1994 Disc Collection

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What is Apple E.T.O. (Essentials - Tools - Objects) 1994 Disc Collection?

About E.T.O.

As per Technical Note TN1066 
E.T.O: The Right Tools for the Right Job 

E.T.O. is Apple's primary product for delivering core development tools to developers who are creating, debugging, and testing Macintosh applications written in C, C++, or assembly language. It is designed for programmers who are working on applications designed for both 680x0- and PowerPC-based Macintosh systems.

E.T.O., which includes the MPW development environment, the MacApp application framework, and the OpenDoc Development Framework, is sold only by subscription and updates are automatically sent to subscribers every four months during the subscription year. New subscribers receive the current issue followed by the next two scheduled updates.

While E.T.O. provides you with a complete development system, it also includes many components that are not available with either Metrowerks CodeWarrior or Symantec C++, making it a valuable companion to these other popular environments. Users of other development environments will find E.T.O. the convenient source for the Macintosh Programmerpis Assistant, performance analysis tools, Pascal to C conversion tools, and the Virtual User testing tool. CodeWarrior users also get the benefit of a plug-in MrC/MrCpp compiler and the Power Mac Debugger.

Some of the software included on E.T.O. is as follows:

• Macintosh Programmer’s Workshop (MPW)
• MacApp application framework
• MPW 411 Help System
• SADE debugger
• MPW C++
• SourceBug debugger
• MacsBug debugger
• MPW Object Pascal
• ResEdit
• MPW Assembler
• Virtual User

Download Apple E.T.O. (Essentials - Tools - Objects) 1994 Disc Collection for Mac

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