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  • .Mac is defunct, causing the app to abort. See Compatibility Notes for a workaround. 
  • .Mac and the accompanying iDisk Service cannot be found. See Compatibility Notes for a workaround. 

What is Backup?

Backup makes backing up copies of your important files simple and fast. You can use Backup to back up files to your iDisk, or to recordable CD or DVD discs.

As per ATPM (About This Particular Macintosh)

Apple touted Backup as one of the new features of .Mac. For basic backups, it works acceptably, but it is lacking when it comes to the more advanced features. For instance, Apple includes a number of QuickPicks for getting all of a certain type of file in a given location—for instance, all Word files in the Home folder or all iTunes playlists. However, there’s no way to specify your own QuickPicks. So, if you wanted to back up all the Quicken files in your Home directory (or even on your hard drive), you would have to locate all the files and add them by hand.

Also, backing up data to your iDisk can take up a lot of space. If you want to do something like back up several years of e-mail, you could very quickly consume all of your space. For instance, my Mailsmith mail file would fill my iDisk many times over.

Keeping your data safe on Apple’s server.

Along with working with your iDisk, Backup can also archive data to a CD or DVD recorder. This is great for keeping larger files safe. However, Backup will only record to a CD or DVD if it can verify your .Mac membership. Since it needs to go online to do this, there’s no way to back up your data when you are not connected to the Internet.

With Backup, you can
• schedule regular, automatic backups to your iDisk (now defunct)
• back up large amounts of data on multiple recordable CD or DVD discs
• use QuickPicks to easily select specific types of files to back up
• drag folders and files to your backup list
• search your hard disk and drag search results to your backup list 

Download Backup for Mac

(1 MiB / 1.05 MB)
version 1.2 / compressed w/ Stuffit
55 / 2017-11-28 / 2017-11-28 / 0a998093810ab0fc112dccb7873cd4cba25b9733 / /

Compatibility notes

Backup required a Mac running Mac OS X 10.2 or later, an internet connection, and a .Mac membership.

Backup version 1.2 aborts on launch. A workaround →

Backup version 3.x ** aborts on launch. A workaround → 

** Backup 3.x will be uploaded soon.

Emulating this? It should run fine under: SheepShaver

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