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  • FutureBASIC II 2.3.1 
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What is FutureBASIC II?

FB is primarily composed of two pieces of software and is supported by thousands of files. The two pieces that do most of the work are the Editor and the Compiler.

Editor: The editor is where code is typed. It's like a word processor built specifically for programmers. It automatically indents, bold-faces, changes the color, and otherwise enhances your text according to parameters that you establish. The Editor is easy to navigate. If you want to find a function that you have used, command-double-click the reference to it and you will instantly be transported to its definition. That is also true of toolbox and constant definitions, record declarations, subroutines.

Compiler: The Compiler is a less visible, but no less important part of the package. It takes the code typed into the Editor and converts it into machine language. And it does an excellent job. FB has a one-pass compiler; meaning that it handles the entire process without having to go over and over your code. 

There are other pieces and parts. The project manager is a tool/window/Girl Friday that handles the organization of all files in a project. Use it to group and arrange everything so that your project remains manageable. Drag & drop files from the Finder when you want to add them. Click the debug column to turn on the source lever debugger in specific files.

There is a built-in profiler that will tell you what functions are using up the most time in your application. Use it to optimize the project. 

Staz Software released FB as freeware on 1st January 2008, and made FB II freely available for 68k Macs on 19th April 2008.

Download FutureBASIC II for Mac

FutureBASIC_II.sit (3.71 MiB / 3.89 MB)
/ compressed w/ Stuffit
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FutureBASIC-II.sit (3.8 MiB / 3.99 MB)
Version 2.3.1 downloaded from Staz Software / compressed w/ Stuffit
79 / 2017-11-27 / 2dc0e79e3978fcc4f4fef4e404bbe935e6b36df1 / /

Compatibility notes

Tested and working on System 7.5.3 with 68040

Emulating this? It should run fine under: SheepShaver

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