Orb Wars

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What is Orb Wars?

Orb Wars is a multi-player game of fantasy combat played on GEnie. The game takes advantage of special purpose "front end" programs to supply players with graphics, sounds, special effects, and messages from the game. You don't need a "front end" program to play the game, but it's a lot more fun with one.

This program is a Front End (FE) for Color Macintosh computers running System 7. If your Mac doesn't support Color Quickdraw, or you're not running System 7, then you need to obtain the black and white version of this program. The current version for color Macs is 2.0. The black and white version is 1.2. Note, Macs with monochrome monitors that support Color Quickdraw and System 7 can use this program

Download Orb Wars for Mac

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Motorola 68K

Compatibility notes

A Macintosh that supports color and System 7
• A copy of Orb Wars 2.0
• Optionally, the "Orb Wars Sounds" file. This file is available for download from the Orb Wars file area — "0".
• Optionally, any connection tools for the Communications Toolbox
• Orb Wars 2.0 also makes use of the Monaco font and needs the 9pt and 12pt sizes. If the 12pt size is not available, the command line display may appear a little strange.

Please read the manual after extracting the file. Lots of handy info on requirements beyond those above.

Emulating this? It should run fine under: Mini vMac

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