Area Code Finder 4.1

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What is Area Code Finder 4.1?


In 1996 the area codes throughout the United States was considered to change drastically.  New area codes would be needed because of an increasing population and technoligcal reasons. These changes would supposedly include numbers such as 121, 122, 123, 124, etc.  These would require an immense amount of research for accurate area code information, and future upgrades to AreaCodeFinder™.



This sit file also includes the ACF Data Merger 1.0. A portion of the included ACF Data Merger Read Me file is displayed below:

ABOUT AreaCodeFinder's "Data Merger" program, what it's for and how to use it.


**Only use the ACF Data Merger application if you have added your own area codes, or cities to a previous version of AreaCodeFinder™ **. I have made a few changes to AreaCodeFinder™ data in the last year, so please, if you didn't make any major additions or changes to your version, then please don't use the ACF Data Merger utility, the AreaCodeFinder data file contains a great deal of new area code infomation as well as new postal codes for Canada. Several individuals have informed me that they have done some extensive upgrading, such as including all cities that have a population of 5,000 or more.  These people WILL want to use the ACF Data Merger.  The best bet here is to run AreaCodeFinder™ to see what new data is included, and then compare that to your version before running the ACF Data Merger utility.

What does the ACF Data Merger do?The ACF Data Merger will merge *all data from an older version of AreaCodeFinder™ into the included AreaCodeFinder data file. The AreaCodeFinder data file that I have provided contains new area code information for 1995 and all of the data that was included in the 3.1 version of AreaCodeFinder™ (with many changes and additions).  Any data in your file that is not included in the file that I have provided will be added to it, with a few exceptions (*see below), those being the area codes that I have upgraded already, and that you may not be aware of.  Otherwise, for example, the Data Merger would be importing (possibly) obsolete data into an already upgraded area code region.  Catch 22, but we'll do what we can.

If you are using any of these applications from a CD-ROM, please copy all of the files to your hard disk first.
AreaCodeFinder™ writes data to the data file when you add new information to it.  The "ACF Data Merger" application will not work at all on the CD, it MUST reside on a writeable drive/disk.

Download Area Code Finder 4.1 for Mac

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Compatibility notes

How to use the ACF Data Merger

Step 1:  Make a copy of the older version of AreaCodeFinder™.  It must be version 3.0 or 3.1 to function with the ACF Data Merger.

Step 2: Drag the AreaCodeFinder™ copy into the same folder where the ACF Data Merger resides.

Step 3: Make sure the AreaCodeFinder™ data file is also in the same folder as the ACF Data Merger and your copy  of AreaCodeFinder™.

Step 4: Launch the ACF Data Merger.  You will be presented with a dialog box to select the AreaCodeFinder™ application.  No other files will show in the list, only AreaCodeFinder™.  Select YOUR copy of AreaCodeFinder™ by double clicking on its name, or by first selecting it in the list then by clicking on the Open button.

Step 5. The rest is automatic, that is, the data will merge from your copy of AreaCodeFinder™ into the AreaCodeFinder data file.

Step 6. A progress bar will show you the progress made, when it's done Click OK.

Step 7. Throw the old copy of AreaCodeFinder™ into the trash, and any other copies that you no longer need.

Emulating this? It should run fine under: Basilisk II

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