Mac OS 7.5.5, 7.6.1 & 8.0 Internal Edition (1997)

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What is Mac OS 7.5.5, 7.6.1 & 8.0 Internal Edition (1997)?

Welcome to the Mac OS Internal Edition CD!

Why the Mac OS Internal Edition CD?
This CD is designed to deliver current Mac OS releases to the Apple employee.  The Mac OS Internal Edition CD includes Apple, IS&T, and site licensed software that may be required for Macintosh software setup.  Do you need to install clean system software on your erased Macintosh hard drive without a network connection?  You may startup from this CD and install Mac OS  8.0, Mac OS  7.6.1, or System 7.5.5, and complete your setup by installing Apple environment software.  If connected to the network, while booted from this CD, you may be able to access more current software on local file servers.

In addition to assisting with system setup and configuration, this CD can be used as a troubleshooting tool.  This software toolkit will boot most Macintosh systems.  Do you suspect that your system software or hard drive directory has become damaged?  You may startup the suspect system from this CD and run diagnostics such as Disk First Aid or Norton Disk Doctor, located in the ATC Support folder.  

Who is this CD for and what is the ATC Program?
This CD is available as a resource to all employees (including, in some cases, temporary employees and contractors) of Apple.  This special CD release is similar to the ATC Toolkit CD, a tool provided to registered Apple Technical Coordinators (ATCs) on a regular basis.  ATCs volunteer their time, providing desktop support to their workgroup.  To support ATC effectivness, the ATC Program is chartered with the development and distribution of tools and information.  Instructor led classes and the ATC Toolkit CD are provided to all registered ATCs.

The ATC Program mission includes supporting self sufficient users.  In support of the end user, ATC Program classes are open to any Apple employee, temporary employee and contractor.  For more information on the services and information the ATC Program provides, please visit our AppleWeb site at ...

Using this CD as a startup disk...
Starting up from a CD-ROM is only supported on Macintosh IIci or newer systems.  Systems introduced since the release of Mac OS 7.6.1 may not start up from the Mac OS Internal Edition CD.  The CD-ROM drive used must be at least an AppleCD 300, preferably newer (2X or faster).  Starting up from third-party external CD-ROM drives is not supported.


Download Mac OS 7.5.5, 7.6.1 & 8.0 Internal Edition (1997) for Mac

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Mac OS 8.0 Internal Edition CD (1997) / CDR image, gunzipped
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Compatibility notes

Architecture: PPC


Emulating this? It should run fine under: SheepShaver

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