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What is ffmpeg DivX 2.1?

What is ffmpeg DivX?

NOTE: Version 2.2 of ffmpeg DivX is now renamed FFusion, available at http://aldorandenet.free.fr/codecs/

ffmpeg DivX is a replacement codec for the official divx.com DivX Codec.

It reads MS-MPEG4v1, MS-MPEG4v2, DivX 3.11 alpha, DivX 4 (aka OpenDivX), DivX 5, 3ivx (versions Delta 4 and later) and XVID.

Contrary to the official divx.com codec, ffmpeg DivX can read all kind of DivX (especially XVID) and is way faster. It is optimized for all PowerPC processors and for G4.

What about Jamby's ffmpeg?

Jamby's ffmpeg does not seem to be distributed any more. ffmpeg DivX is an updated version of Jamby's Codec. It uses lastest version of the ffmpeg libavcodec library (0.4.6) which is G4/PowerPC optimized.

Where to get ffmpeg DivX?

You can download lastest version of ffmpeg DivX at http://aldorandenet.free.fr/codecs/


Download ffmpeg DivX 2.1 for Mac

ffmpegDivX21.dmg (1.72 MiB / 1.8 MB)
/ DMG image
15 / 2017-11-10 / 66bd9de4e2f185336ed08356530d0227276c1a12 / /



Compatibility notes

Architecture: PPC

Mac OS X



Just put ffmpeg DivX.component in /Library/QuickTime or if you are not administrator in Library/QuickTime of your home directory. If you have already installed an other DivX Codec such as the official divx.com codec or the old ffmpeg codec from Jamby's, you should delete it because ffmpeg DivX replaces them.

Below are the names of the files you should delete: 

divx.com official codec

jamby's ffmpeg codec


DivX™ Video 5.component

To get proper sound when reading DivX avi files with mp3 sound you will have to use DivX Doctor (see ffmpeg DivX's web page for download link). Avi2Mov is no longer distributed with ffmpeg DivX because it converts properly only DivX 3.11 files.

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