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What is SwivelArt?

SwivelArt is an ideal package to begin with if you're exploring 3-D modeling for the first time. It's a $125 clip-art collection, combined with a read-only version of Swivel 3D. You can't create any new objects, but the package provides nearly 100 excellent 3-D models next fonts as well as images that can he scaled, duplicated, rotated, and moved about in a 3-D world.

SwivelArt's selection of premodeled objects is a good fit with business presentations. It includes computers, international icons, and maps. You can export your final art in paint, PICT, PICT2, or EPS formats. SwivelArt also includes a HyperCard stack that produces a Swivel Command File, which you can use to create 3-D text in one of 12 supplied 3-D fonts.

Because the file format and interface are the same as those of its more powerful siblings, Swivel 3D and Swivel 3D Professional, SwivelArt is a good stepping-stone to 3-D-modeling packages.

SwivelArt doesn't cost much, but be forewarned that it takes a substantial bite out of your hard disk. The program and art files occupy about 4.5 megabytes of disk space.

In addition, we encountered some errors in converting SwivelArt files to PICT and EPS formal that resulted in the appearance of stray lines. Some surface textures also didn’t carry over when files were converted to EPS.

Barnard, Doug. (August 1991). SwivelArt, Swivel 3D Professional, and MacRenderMan. MacUser. (pg. 60).

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