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What is XRay?

Why Use XRay?

The Mac OS X Finder’s “Get Info” window shows a variety of information about files, folders and drives. However, some important items are not available or not editable; XRay tries to show much more information and allows you to edit it whenever possible. If you have an Administrator password you’ll be able to do many things for which root access or terminal commands would normally be needed. (You can also render your system completely inoperable, so don’t use Administrator-level stuff unless you know exactly what you’re doing!)

XRay tries to deduct more information about a file or folder than competing utilities. For applications, it shows whether it’s a Classic, Carbon, Cocoa or Java-based application; for bundles it consults an extended list of types; for files, if all else fails, it analyzes the first few bytes of the file for hints about the data. Files containing resources have the resource index checked for integrity.

XRay also allows other developers to write plugins that manipulate files, folders or drives. Hex editors, resource editors, anything should be possible. Subsequent versions should come with a file previewer plugin, a custom icon plugin, and complete API specifications for writing new plugins. Plugins will be installed and de-installed via drag&drop.

Download XRay for Mac

XRay11.dmg (1.59 MiB / 1.67 MB)
Version 1.1 / DMG image
6 / 2018-02-16 / 1982d5d7234202a71fc77aeee5a9486bf5e4ec83 / /
XRay_1.0.sit (1.28 MiB / 1.34 MB)
XRay v1.0 / compressed w/ Stuffit
4 / 2017-10-15 / c16e47954035feeccd7cab4699f703cdf30ea331 / /



Compatibility notes

Mac OS X 10.1.5 to 10.4.x. [XRay 1.1 has some issues with Leopard and Snow Leopard, unfortunately, and no updates are expected.]


Emulating this? It should run fine under: Mini vMac

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