FAXstf Pro 5.0.3 Intl. English

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What is FAXstf Pro 5.0.3 Intl. English?

FAXstf Pro. 5.0 has raised the standard for fax communication software. It offers an elegant new interface to simplify fax management and has been designed from its inception to take full advantage of the power of PowerPCs. It allows you to fax from any application using a NEW Browser interface. This brand NEW interface is unique in its simplicity and intuitiveness, yet is powerful and robust. Full Drag and Drop support makes fax management simple. FAXstf Pro. 5.0 is the ideal faxing system for the home or office.

The FAXstf Pro. 5.0 allows users to send faxes from within most DeskTop applications such as Microsoft Office 98. FAXstf can deliver faxes to any fax machine or computer.

Powerful new features include fax markup, cover page editor, calling card support, broadcasting to an unlimited number of recipients, AppleScripting for fax processing and Caller ID support.

FAXstf Pro. 5.0 supports over 400 different modems and includes STF standard features of QuickNote, Smart Dialing, background imaging, Fax scheduling, superior gray scale of 256 shades of gray and the ability to combine faxes. The American Facsimile Association has selected FAXstf as the best Macintosh fax software for the last three years.

STF Technologies, Inc. (1999). FAXstf Pro 5.0. www.stfinc.com/proFax.html

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68K + PPC (FAT)

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