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What is MacScan?

MacScan is an anti-spyware app for Mac OS X.

Detect, Isolate and Remove Spyware!

MacScan is an administrative spyware detection utility for both the classic Macintosh operating system (68K/PPC) and Mac OS X. Thank you for downloading this public beta of MacScan.  As a public beta tester, we ask that you please submit any bug reports or errors that occur to us so that we may see that they are fixed promptly.

In short MacScan's goal is to detect, isolate and remove spyware from your system such as keystroke loggers and trojan horses. Keystroke loggers are programs that are used to record everything that is typed on the keyboard, and log them to a file. Some keystroke loggers will send the logs over the Internet to a specified address programmed into the application. The loggers are not limited to what text they record, if you're typing a letter, or typing your credit card or social security number it is all logged.

Programs currently detected by MacScan:
TakeDown Suite
Peeping Tom
Mac Life Insurance
Invisible Oasis
Last Resort
Keystroke Recorder
Monitorer X v1.1
Monitorer 1.01
Spector 2.00
Keyboard Spy 1.0
Keyboard and Mouse Recorder 2.0
Keystroke Recorder X 3.1.3
Monitorer X Pro


Download MacScan for Mac

MacScanPB6Carbon.sit (1.52 MiB / 1.59 MB)
MacScan b6 / compressed w/ Stuffit
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Compatibility notes

Mac OS X

Date: Before 7/26/03

Emulating this? It should run fine under: QEMU

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