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What is BluePS2 (hoax)?

BluePS2 is one of the most circulated Mac hoax on April 1st, 2000.  It claimed to be a super tiny (18KB!!) Playstation 2 emulator, *COUGH* sorry, the world's first Playstation 2 emulator.  Only for Mac! It of course does absolutely nothing.  Nice hoax.

From the hilarious ReadMe file:

Q: How is this emulator possible? You'd need much more processing power than a Power Mac to emulate the Playstation 2, right?

A: BluePS2 uses high level emulation (HLE), the same technology used in the Windows Nintendo 64 emulator, UltraHLE. It simulates iM0401 (the main processor inside the PS2) instructions using native Power PC code. This allows the computer to emulate a processor that's even faster than the processor in the computer.


Download BluePS2 (hoax) for Mac

BluePS2.sit (232.68 KiB / 238.26 KB)
BluePS2 v1.0 / compressed w/ Stuffit
8 / 2017-09-19 / 6731b8f506b7a298cf1e2dc68f10e89b6a115f95 / /



System Requirements

From Mac OS 7.5 up to Mac OS 9.2

Compatibility notes

Architecture: PPC

At least 2MB of free RAM (recommended 50MB... lol)

Mac OS 7.5 - Mac OS 9.2.2


Emulating this? It should run fine under: SheepShaver

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