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iMac Firmware Update 1.2

iMac Firmware Update 1.2 (1999)
(Modified on 2020-08-30 07:42:50)

This is for tray-loading iMacs. The iMac Firmware Update 1.2 should be installed on all iMac computers used in NetBoot client environments. Features delivered with this update include improved support of NetBooting and minor improvements to Open...

IBM OS/2 Warp - PowerPC Edition

IBM OS/2 Warp - PowerPC Edition (1995)
(Modified on 2024-01-05 19:14:28)

When the first PowerPC products reached the market in 1993, they were met with enthusiasm. In addition to Apple, both IBM and the Motorola Computer Group offered systems built around the processors. Microsoft released Windows NT 3.51 for the...

init cdev

init cdev (1989)
(Modified on 2024-01-07 15:42:14)

TL;DR: Provides extension disabling on boot in System 6 or prior by holding the mouse down or Space just like Shift does in System 7, but with popup options.   "init cdev" operates in two ways: as an INIT, and as a cdev...

IIsi RAM-Muncher INIT

IIsi RAM-Muncher INIT (1994)
(Added on 2019-03-07 08:36:21)

An extension to speed up IIsi use without giving slow disk operation. This extension is for Macintosh IIsi users, running System 7 or greater, only. The IIsi does not have VRAM, and video circuitry and the CPU must take turns to access the...


IrieMac (2000)
(Modified on 2016-11-09 11:18:12)

Theme Information IrieMac v1.1 MacOS Appearance Theme. If you have v1.0.1 or v1.0.2 you should update to v1.1. This Theme was design to represent my web site IrieMac. that why I name the Theme IrieMac. This program is...

iMac G5 (August 2004) Restore disks

iMac G5 (August 2004) Restore disks (2004)
(Modified on 2024-04-03 16:06:59)

These disks are used to restore the iMac G5 august 2004 to factory conditions. They include Mac OS X 10.3.5 as well some extras such as garageband, stuffit, and iphoto. The last disk contains the classic enviornment as well as the apple...

Instant Folders

Instant Folders (1997)
(Modified on 2023-08-18 10:44:08)

Instant Folders is the ultimate solution to navigate through directories (wow!). It lets you reach any folder on any disk with a single click, directly from "Open..." and "Save..." dialog boxes. It's as easy as using...


INIThound (1990)
(Modified on 2023-10-09 14:28:50)

This is stritly pro gear. A nonprogrammer might find most of the INIThound output interesting, but there's not much more that anyone but a programmer, network administrator, or system administrator can do with it but stand back and...

Incognito 1.2

Incognito 1.2 (1994)
(Modified on 2023-08-18 10:45:12)

Incognito is a control panel and system extension that allows you to bypass that annoying, network–based serial number protection that seems to be the Hot New Thing in copy protection. The theory is simple: when you buy a product, you get a...

Intelligent Battery

Intelligent Battery (1994)
(Modified on 2023-08-28 15:26:12)

What is the Intelligent Battery Recondition software? The batteries of the PowerBook 500 series computers are “intelligent”, which means they have a small microprocessor in them that monitors the battery’s status.  The...

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