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MacinTalk (1985)
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MacinTalk is Apple's text-to-speech, or speech synthesizer, extension that allows Mac documents to "talk" their text using a range of computerized voices. MacinTalk (v1.0.2) was relased on April 15, 1985 and works on Mac OS 1.x to...

Misc Mac Drivers (1990 - 1997)

Misc Mac Drivers (1990 - 1997) (1990)
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This is a miscellenaous archive containing, for the most part, old Mac drivers for pheripherals like printers, tape drives, CD-ROM drives, modems, ethernet cards, TV tuners, etc... and even drivers for Apple printers for Windows 3.1 and...

MacPPP 2.x

MacPPP 2.x (1993)
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MacPPP is a Macintosh implementation of PPP, the Point-to-Point Protocol, which allows you to use TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) over asynchronous serial lines. MacPPP makes it possible for your Mac to act as a host on the...

MacPuke INIT

MacPuke INIT (1987)
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MacPuke INIT plays a vomit sound whenever you eject a floppy disk. "Make your Mac Puke!!!" By Dan Green  


Maxima (1994)
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"Maxima 3.0 is the high performance RAM disk that improves system speed on desktop machines, PowerBooks and network servers. If you have more than 8MB of memory in your Macintosh, Maxima helps you get more performance out of your expensive RAM...

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