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Launch Items Suite for Mac OS X

Launch Items Suite for Mac OS X (2001)
(Modified on 2019-07-20 12:19:24)

Launch Items X is a set of Mac OS X-compatible contextual menu plug-ins which allow to launch the customized applications, open web pages, open folders, or open Mac OS X documents by control-clicking on the screen.  Most applications, which can...

Logitech MouseWare and MouseKey for OS 7, 8 & 9

Logitech MouseWare and MouseKey for OS 7, 8 & 9 (1996)
(Modified on 2018-08-12 12:54:10)

About the MouseWare versions on this page: Here is a description of what each of the MouseWare download contains. “MouseWare_OS8_OS9.sit” Once decompressed is a folder continuing “MouseWare 4.0.6” .smi disk images....

ledPPC 3.0

ledPPC 3.0 (1996)
(Added on 2021-04-08 16:48:50)

ledPPC is a system extension that flashes LEDs on an extended keyboard according to activity from a floppy drive, SCSI device (hard disk, CD-ROM drive, etc.), modem, printer or AppleTalk. In addition ledPPC lets you easily patch three OS procedures...

Lapis Video Card Drivers - ColorServer, DisplayServer

Lapis Video Card Drivers - ColorServer, DisplayServer (1994)
(Modified on 2021-11-12 14:39:29)

These are extensions that modify the Monitors control panel and provides drivers for: TV-Show PRO-PAL   1.63 ColorServer II-17   4.5 ColorServer II-21   4.5 ColorServer PDS-17   ColorServer...

LiteSwitch X

LiteSwitch X (2003)
(Modified on 2017-12-10 12:14:32)

Introduction LiteSwitch X is an incredibly powerful keyboard application switcher for Mac OS X.  It offers keyboard switching in a style that blends beautifully with Aqua without compromising features or power. This is the official...

Lindy USB to SCSI

Lindy USB to SCSI (2000)
(Modified on 2020-05-13 13:48:06)

Software for Lindy's USB-to-SCSI Adapter Cable Supported operating systems are: Mac OS 8/9 OS2 Windows 95 Windows 98 Windows 2000 Included Mac OS extensions are: EUSB-SCSI Driver EUSB-SCSI Driver (Ag) EUSB-ATAPI...

Language Kit Updater for Mac OS 8

Language Kit Updater for Mac OS 8 (1997)
(Modified on 2017-02-28 09:59:30)

Language Kit Updater for Mac OS 8 The release of Apple's Mac OS 8 brings increased functionality to your computer.  The "Language Kit Updater for Mac OS 8" is designed to make this transition as easy as possible for Language...


LockOUT (1988)
(Modified on 2021-11-12 10:26:04)

Install to your Control Panels folder, prevents booting your mac without a password (unless you disable extensions on boot haha) Password is currently blank

LibMotoSh (Shared Library)

LibMotoSh (Shared Library) (1996)
(Added on 2019-06-14 18:25:39)

Libmoto is an extension library that replaces some of the default MathLib functions to optimize performance.  If the application you run uses functions in MathLib that are also present in LibMotoSh, then the application should run faster. It...

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