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System 7.0a9 (May 1990)

System 7.0a9 (May 1990) (1990)
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This was the may 1990 release of Macintosh System Software 7.0a9 (which most likely means 7.0 alpha 9). Along with an early/development version of the operating system, the disc included lots of developer tools and other special...

PPC Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Beta 9A241

PPC Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard Beta 9A241 (2006)
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9A241 is an early Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard beta release and one of the only builds that still supported Classic Environment (Mac OS 9.2.2 in OSX) before Apple finally prevented official builds from running it. Mac OS X 10.5 beta (9A241) is also said...

Mac OS X Public Beta

Mac OS X Public Beta (2000)
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    The Mac OS X Public Beta (internally codenamed "Kodiak") was an early beta version of Apple Computer's Mac OS X operating system Cheetah. It was released to the public on September 13, 2000 for US$29.95. It...

Mac OS 8.7 - 9.0 Betas

Mac OS 8.7 - 9.0 Betas (1999)
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MacOS 8.7 is supposedly a cancelled MacOS 8.x update, that became MacOS 9 for PPC. As shown by Action Retro, it can be run on a PowerBook 540c that has a PPC upgrade inside, however, at least for him, the wallpaper becomes the...

Mac OS 8.0 Copland (Beta Builds)

Mac OS 8.0 Copland (Beta Builds) (1996)
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Copland was supposed to be the turning point of classic Mac OS.  Starting from 1994, its intention was to introduce true multitasking and protected memory, among other underlying features previously unavailable to the Macintosh. ...

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