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2004 A.D System Extension

2004 A.D System Extension (2020)

2004 A.D is a system extension for System 6 macs that changes the epoc from 1904 to 2004.   This allows setting the date beyond 2019. Incluedes a patched General control panel for system 6 that allows one to set the date up until...

Apple Ethernet Update 1.0 & 2.0

Apple Ethernet Update 1.0 & 2.0 (2000)

Ethernet Update 1.0 improves the reliability of ethernet in certain rare network configurations.  These configurations are typically 10Mbit networks which include coax (10Base5 or 10Base2) network segments in large single collision domains (...

ATI RADEON 9000 Pro CD-ROM Mac Edition Release 200

ATI RADEON 9000 Pro CD-ROM Mac Edition Release 200 (2002)

This is the CD-ROM that accompanied the ATI RADEON 9000 Pro 128MB graphics card.  It includes the drivers and extensions needed to use the ATI RADEON 9000 series of GPUs on Macintosh computers.  It also includes ATI Smartshader Demos,...

AudioTuneUp 2.0 (Mac OS 8.1 patch)

AudioTuneUp 2.0 (Mac OS 8.1 patch) (1998)

The AudioTuneUp 2.0 set of extensions fixes certain audio problems encountered on PCI-based Macintosh computers.   What are the AudioTuneUp 2.0 extensions? These extensions fix the following audio problems: · On PowerMac G3...

B&W G3 Updates for Mac OS 8.6

B&W G3 Updates for Mac OS 8.6 (1999)

Couple Apple system updates for the B&W G3 Mac to enable it to run Mac OS 8.6, files included are: 2940U2B Firmware 1.2.smi Apple-GV 56K Updaters.smi ATI Video SW Update 1.0.smi FireWire 2.1.smi G3 CD Update 2.0.smi G3 Firmware...

Bartender 1.3.1

Bartender 1.3.1 (1998)

Allows the user to hide the menubar, while allowing the use of the menus either by clicking where the menubar should be or by using the keyboard command of the menu item the user wants to use. Bartender was originally written for a Pippin...

Broadband Optimizer

Broadband Optimizer (2002)

Broadband Optimizer v1.0 Like most operating systems, MacOS X doesn't come out of the box to take full advantage of a high-speed, broadband internet connection. Luckily, because of its Unix base, there's an easy fix for that. By making...


CdY2KPatch (1999)

There is only one bug in Cyberdog that has been found to cause problems beyond beginning of the year 2000. It deals only with the "Date" field in E-mail messages and Newsgroup posts. This bug does not affect the reading or...


ClarusX2005 (2005)

From the Readme First document... ClarusX2005 Written by Roby Sherman The original Clarus the Dogcow design was created by Susan Kare, but you already knew...

cRussify Mac

cRussify Mac (1997)

cRussify is "Macintosh Russification the easy way." What cRussify does is patch your US English Mac OS system to "understand" Russian script.  It does not use extensions or control panels as opposed to other solutions, so...

Finder Menu Patch (System 7.5; Finder 7.1.4)

Finder Menu Patch (System 7.5; Finder 7.1.4) (1994)

This patch applies a series of menu commands to the Finder menus.   How often do you wish that items like "Restart" and "Empty Trash" had command keys?  For those of you who do not know what command keys are, they...

G4 Cube Firmware Update 4.1.9

G4 Cube Firmware Update 4.1.9 (2001)

The G4 Cube Firmware Update 4.1.9 will run only on G4 Cube models running Mac OS 9.1 or later from a local hard disk. If you are using Mac OS X on your Cube, you must start up from a local Mac OS 9.1 or later writeable partition (not a CD or network...

GeForce Graphics Update 1.1

GeForce Graphics Update 1.1 (2001)

The GeForce Graphics Card Update installs new graphics card firmware and Mac OS 9 system extensions to improve performance and compatibility.  The new firmware also fixes a compatibility problem with newer versions of the NVIDIA system...

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