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Dark Forces FAQ

Dark Forces FAQ (1996)
(Modified on 2024-01-11 19:12:55)

This is version 1.0 of the Mac Port of the Dark Forces FAQ by Karsten A. Loepelmann. In this version I did no modifications to the text except coloring PC only information magenta :P. In the future I might add buttons and stylized text but the...

Dennis Miller: That's Geek to Me

Dennis Miller: That's Geek to Me (1994)
(Modified on 2023-09-05 20:50:15)

Before the kids and the mortgage and a job that requires a tie, there was Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update with Dennis Miller, the coolest newscaster to hit the airwaves in the 90s. In this title, Miller makes fun of technology in an...

da Vinci Graphics Series

da Vinci Graphics Series (1984)
(Modified on 2023-05-20 00:00:01)

A series of of illustrations that can be used by architects and interior designers, as well as by individuals who want to plan a room or an office layout, design a house, or landscape a yard. Each disk contains several hundred images that you can...

Desktop Consoles Pictures [DC] vol 1-5

Desktop Consoles Pictures [DC] vol 1-5 (1997)
(Added on 2021-03-01 19:07:46)

This is Desktop Consoles volumes 1 thru 5 from 1997 to 1999, which consists of 115 wallpapers for your 640x480 or 800x600 Mac desktop! It worth noting that the author had all the pictures rendered at up to 1152x870 but this archive only includes...

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