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The Programmer's Digest 1.0

The Programmer's Digest 1.0 (1998)
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The Programmer's Digest 1.0 is a DOCMaker app containing short/introductory literature about Hypercard, Mac toolbox, C/C++, Cobol and HTML. It also contains an Hypercard tutorial stack and sample code.  

The Audible Macintosh

The Audible Macintosh (1992)
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The complete guide to adding and using sound and music for presentations and multimedia on the Mac. Aimed at those needing background and tutorials and also experienced users seeking detailed information, this comprehensive survey contains...

The collected

The collected (2005)
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The collected is a PDF document containing 259 pages saved directly from the website which romancing the history of Apple and various key people who made the Macintosh history that we all know today...

The Original MacQuarium

The Original MacQuarium (1992)
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It all started innocently enough. Someone wrote in to MacUser’s Help Folder column (written by yours truly and Bob Levitus truly) with a question regarding “The best way to upgrade a Mac 512.” Seeing an opportunity to make a weak...

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