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Apple Facts

Apple Facts (1993)
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Apple Facts is an overview of nearly every 68k Mac and contemporary printers, peripherals and other accessories.   Just Double-Click the document "Apple Facts"

Apple Produktinfo CD 1996 (German)

Apple Produktinfo CD 1996 (German) (1996)
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These five CD images hold a variety of info, training and photographic material from 1996. The CDs were used for instructing and training employees of the Apple support center in Germany. There are lots of datasheets, animated info and various...

Apple Produktinfo CD 1997 (German)

Apple Produktinfo CD 1997 (German) (1997)
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Apple Produktinfo CD's contain training material for Apple Support Center in Germany.  These disks include software, pictures, datasheets and useful information about Macintosh computers and other Apple products. The file named...

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