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Mac System 6.0.8 for MiniVMac

Mac System 6.0.8 for MiniVMac (1990)
(Modified on 2022-06-19 10:43:11)

System 6.0.8 was released for free by Apple in 1990 and later. The first DL is a pre-installed HDD image for the Mac Plus flavor of MiniVmac. The second DL is a pre-installed HDD image the MacII flavor, however I could not get this to boot w/ Mac...

Mini vMac for Raspberry Pi / Retropie

Mini vMac for Raspberry Pi / Retropie (2018)
(Modified on 2019-07-27 14:20:13)

Below are 2 up to date (as of this writing; 36.04) Mini vMac binaries to replace the one that ships with Retropie 4.5 (current version as of writing this). The first binary replaces the B&W Mac Plus emulator (v3.3.3 from 2013) which in my...

Mac Game Programming

Mac Game Programming (2002)
(Modified on 2019-01-07 22:35:46)

Are you an avid Mac fan, itching to try your hand at game development on your Mac? If you have a working knowledge of programming, this book is the guide you've been searching for. Covering the components that make up a game and teaching you to...

Mac Noir icons (The Breakfast + Skolnick)

Mac Noir icons (The Breakfast + Skolnick) (1997)
(Modified on 2017-08-23 17:06:43)

Mac Noir - The Breakfast Set and Skolnick are B&W icon sets made by Cindy Yep.  They were completely designed and drawn on the Macintosh SE known as "Laslo".  Made to promote the lost art of two-tone (black and white only)...

Mini vMac Mac Plus version (Ready to go on Windows)

Mini vMac Mac Plus version (Ready to go on Windows) (2018)
(Modified on 2021-01-31 08:36:02)

This is the Mac Plus (128KB v3 ROM) Mini vMac version 36.04 (2018).  Comes with Mac Plus v3 ROM + System 6.0.8. From See also: 128K/512K (64KB ROM) Mini vMac  

Mac Plus floppy with games

Mac Plus floppy with games (1986)
(Modified on 2019-06-11 10:33:17)

Bootable 800KB floppy disk image for Mac Plus and up (or Mini vMac). Contains System 6.0.5, Finder 6.1.5 Games: Frenzy, Kid Pix 1.0, Lode Runner 1.0, Mac Pong II, MacBugs, MemMgr, Mine Sweeper, Missle Command 3.0 Apps: MacWrite 1.6, Icon...

MacOS Desktop Patterns/Pictures

MacOS Desktop Patterns/Pictures (1999)
(Modified on 2019-12-09 14:58:16)

Mac destop pictures/tiles from classic OS'S in PNG format for any modern OS See also: Additional Mac OS desktop patterns and pictures  

Macintosh Basics 7

Macintosh Basics 7 (1991)
(Modified on 2018-08-19 12:35:05)

MACINTOCH BASICS 7 Bonjour à tous, _Cette série de 7 disquettes d'installation de Macintosh Basics en version Française ne fonctionne apparement pas avec un processeur PowerPC à moins de posséder une...

Mac OS 7.6.1 FRENCH pre-installed / DSK image for Basilisk II

Mac OS 7.6.1 FRENCH pre-installed / DSK image for Basilisk II (1997)
(Modified on 2017-10-11 14:03:20)

This is a fresh install of Mac OS 7.6.1 Français for 68K Macs and this DSK image can be used directly for booting up the Basilisk II emulator ;-) In the downloads, there is also another Mac OS 7.6.1 Français DSK image, same version...

Mac Intro (Replica)

Mac Intro (Replica) (2012)
(Modified on 2022-03-17 13:33:58)

This is a contribution from Mr. Slomacuser. They did this software in 2012, to remember the best presentation before Powerpoint. On January 24, 1984, PowerPoint had yet to be invented. Apple’s presentation tool and Steve Jobs’...

Mac OS 7, 8 & 9 default hard drive icons

Mac OS 7, 8 & 9 default hard drive icons (1995)
(Modified on 2020-12-12 13:17:11)

Basilisk II and SheepShaver default to the 2D Mac OS 7 style hard drive icon even when running OS 8 and 9, so for anyone who wants the standard OS 8.0-8.1 and 8.5-9.0 icons they are packaged in .sit in this download. Just extract with StuffIt...


Mesmer (1987)
(Added on 2017-11-14 18:18:15)

Mesmer draws colorful sinusoidal function lines on the right half of the screen and then cycles through the colors along those lines. To end the simulation, click the mouse and wait for 10-15 seconds until the cycle is complete.  It will...

Mach 2 manual

Mach 2 manual (1986)
(Modified on 2018-08-19 12:45:37)

Multi-tasking Forth83 for MacPlus Manual  

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