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Math Blaster 6-9

Math Blaster 6-9 (1999)
(Modified on 2020-03-11 22:47:53)

Spot and Blasternaut are preparing for a journey aboard their spaceship, only to find that the ship is not functional. Blasternaut, jumping to conclusions, sends Spot to repair a mechanism known as the "polytronic combustion regulator" and...


Mathica (2002)
(Modified on 2016-11-28 15:02:02)

Mathica is a maths educational game for 12 years old and up.  You incarnate a dead professor's step daugther who's locked in a ghost town until you solve all the mathematical and arithmetic puzzles to release teh spell.  

Max and the Haunted Castle

Max and the Haunted Castle (1998)
(Modified on 2018-03-07 23:19:33)

Willy the castle ghost is in a fix! The only way he can get his haunting powers back is if Max finds him 12 little yellow socks. As you come to his aid you'll encounter strange spooks of all sorts and learn that some specters just love to eat...

Mickey Mouse Toddler

Mickey Mouse Toddler (2000)
(Added on 2016-11-12 19:20:25)

Disney's Mickey Mouse Toddler is a colorful, animated educational computer game for preschool kids, themed as Mickey Mouse's world.  In Mickey Mouse Toddler, you will encounter letter and number recognition, shape and color recognition,...

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