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Spelunky 1.3

Spelunky 1.3 (2012)
(Modified on 2021-08-19 20:29:45)

Spelunky is a non-linear platformer, where your goal is to penetrate deeper into the caves using ropes and bombs, gather treasure, and avoid traps and enemies. With fairly simple controls, a fully destructible environment, well-done...

Squirrel Kombat

Squirrel Kombat (1999)
(Modified on 2021-06-04 10:05:40)

A very quirky and silly fighting game for one or two players. Pick a squirrel with their own special moves, that hop around and smash your opponent! Serial number included.


Slippy (1997)
(Modified on 2020-02-24 14:57:32)

Stan Da Starfish

Stan Da Starfish (1999)
(Modified on 2018-02-05 05:01:26)

A simple six-level platformer made with Klik & Play.


Sword (2000)
(Added on 2014-04-14 22:56:29)

Space Cab

Space Cab (1997)
(Modified on 2017-10-11 14:03:38)

A game heavily inspired by, but not a direct clone of, the classic game Space Taxi on the C64. Ferry customers across the play area, be mindful of gravity effects, manage your fuel and watch out for hazards!

Super Pag V.1.1

Super Pag V.1.1 (2000)
(Modified on 2018-05-08 09:49:10)

Super Pag V.1.1   Whats this for?   Well first release was open to 40 students and we got some complaints... this is to help you with some minor problems you may have.   What kind of problems?   Well you...

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