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Sea Dreams

Sea Dreams (1997)

Seadreams is an adventure game. Pointing and clicking will get you around various places in the game. The object of this fantasied game is to find pirate's hidden treasure deep within the depths of the ocean's bottom. Don't be...

Space can Suck

Space can Suck (1999)

Space can Suck is a fairly grizzly adventure through space where the player blags themselves through a series of absurd situations that never seem to be veer too far away from disaster. As is fairly typical for titles like this, there are an...

SpaceFighter (a.k.a. MacSpace)

SpaceFighter (a.k.a. MacSpace) (1990)

SpaceFighter (a.k.a. MacSpace) is a simple B&W arcade game made in QBasic.  It features nice crude 8 bits sound effects. Invader ships come at you and you have to quickly aim the mouse cursor and click them before they reach to...

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