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Chips & DIPS

Chips & DIPS (1989)
(Added on 2016-02-23 10:04:38)

Chips & DIPS is an arcade platformer style game where you play a robot trying to steal RAM chips in a storage warehouse.  Beware of DIPS that protect the warehouse! Chips & DIPS introduction: In the year 2009 [HAHA!] it was...

Cave Story (Doukutsu Monogatari)

Cave Story (Doukutsu Monogatari) (2004)
(Modified on 2019-08-28 03:57:08)

Cave Story (Doukutsu Monogatari) is a Japanese freeware 2-D Metroidvania shooter created by Studio Pixel and translated into English by Aeon Genesis Translations for Windows and various other people for other ports.


Creatures (1997)
(Modified on 2019-05-08 12:12:12)

Possibly the first attempt at artificial life on the Mac. 

Chicken Head

Chicken Head (2000)
(Modified on 2017-07-11 10:55:28)

An unreleased/unfinished game from Monkey Farm Software. From the author: "It was the precursor to Agent QT Pie. I was just testing the level editor and platform mechanics."

Commando Combat Arena

Commando Combat Arena (1998)
(Modified on 2018-01-05 07:57:24)

Commando Combat Arena is a two player, 2D platformer shooter where you can deathmatch in a lot of included levels under 3 different tile sets.  Commando Combat Arena can also play music in background and enable you to tweak a lot of gameplay...

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