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Capitalist Pig

Capitalist Pig (1991)

Capitalist Pig is a business management simulation game from 1991 that puts you in the driving seat of a company. Pick your product name, define your business plan, and try to grow the company through boom and bust, war and peace. The game...

Chaos Overlords

Chaos Overlords (1996)

In an irrideemably corrupt city where crime runs everything, you control a major faction of futuristic felons, battling it out for dominence in this memorable strategy game from the mid 90's. Chaos Overloads challanges you to take over a...


Chess++ (1993)

Chess++ is a program written in Symantec C++/TCL 1.1.3 which, as you might guess, plays chess.  It was used as the demo project for the introduction of Symantec's new THINK Project Manager at the World Wide Developer's Conference (WWDC)...


CinC (1986)

CinC is an old strategic, turn based, game in which you are made Commander in Chief of one of two opposing military forces attempting to dominate the world and vanquish the other. In CinC, you control the land, sea and air forces and the production...

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