Found 9 software entries in Games beginning with: "G" from category: Simulation


GodGame (1989)

GodGame is a simulation environment shareware.  It's simple yet more complex than the traditional "life" simulation. The GodGame allows 1 - 4 players to create a small planet and to populate it with their chosen peoples. ...

Golf Mac Way

Golf Mac Way (1987)

Golf Mac Way is a simple golf simulation game.  You can choose your club type and size and swing.  There are a couple B&W sceneries and that's about it.  There is no animation besides the 2-frames flag weaving :P  


Gotcha (1987)

Gotcha is a simulation game where you can design an arena and then run the simulation.  The goal is to have your robots tag the other player's robots without getting tagged by them or by the overall ennemy "bugs".  

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