Found 28 software entries in Games beginning with: "H" from category: Puzzle


HangMan (1985)

HangMan is a classic word puzzle game in which you guess a word by trying letters.  You only have a couple of tries tough and everytime you try a letter that is not included in the target word, a man is getting closer to being hung. The...

Hex Puzzle

Hex Puzzle (1986)

Hex Puzzle is a very crude combination lock puzzle game.  You have to align the pieces assembly by moving it left or right by increments of 1 and by flipping the individual piece the arrow points to on or off.  The goal is to match the...


Hoseman (1991)

(the following is taken from Hoseman's about window...) Welcome to Hoseman - the only nude word game in existance. For most right answers, you are forced to view another portion of a nude woman. If all of her shows, then you win. Now...

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