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Pac the Man X

Pac the Man X (2012)
(Modified on 2020-09-14 13:30:43)

This is a pretty decent Pac Man clone for Mac OS X called Pac the Man X. Graphics are very colourful and fun. Good for short bursts of time.


Panic! (1985)
(Added on 2017-11-21 09:32:50)

Panic! is a very early alien shooter arcade game for 1980's Macs.  Features an 8 bit buzzing sound effect :P  


PegLeg (1994)
(Modified on 2019-04-19 13:19:38)

What's to figure out? Stuff comes down and you shoot it, try not to get hit or run in to something. the hardest part is to maintain control because your shooter tends to drift when you let go of the controls, so you are constantly correcting....

Pinball Construction Set

Pinball Construction Set (1985)
(Modified on 2017-09-11 18:54:14)

Pinball Construction Set (PCS) was one very nice piece of software that let users build their own pinball game, complete with graphics, sound effects, some pre-made widgets and it even features a nice Macintosh like drag and drop user interface,...

Ping Pong Deluxe

Ping Pong Deluxe (1994)
(Added on 2016-01-16 15:43:23)

Ping Pong Deluxe is by far the best computer adaptation of the original Pong game that crawled out of the Pascal swamps some time back in the early 80's. Ping Pong Deluxe lets you play Pong with a friend while listening to your own MOD music...

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