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The Daedalus Encounter English

The Daedalus Encounter English (1995)

A first-person, interactive puzzle game ported from MS-DOS, the story revolves around three space marines, one of which (the player) is a disembodied brain in a floating pod with video and limited interface. Fantastically immersive when I first...

The Pleiades Incident

The Pleiades Incident (1987)

The pleiades incident is an ambush in space war simulation. An 8 pages rule book is included in MacWrite format. Note: This demo can apparently be "unlocked" to the production version.  


Trek (1990)

Trek is a revised version of the classic hunt the Klingons (and other Critters) and remove them from the Universe.  


Trek...Revisited (1988)

We have received reports of a very substantial buildup of Klingon vessels in the area, and Starfleet has determined this is a major threat to the security of local governments and planets.  

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