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Bert (1994)

Bert is a game resembling a clone of the game, Q*Bert which is a game that you jump on into the boxes, and paint them.

Bilestoad v0.9e

Bilestoad v0.9e (1996)

Bilestoad Pre-Demo v0.9e was a (WIP) remake of the same title for the Apple II, released in 1982 by Datamost. The Bilestoad is a malevolent sort of amusement park where frustration can be vented without risking personal damage. Players control...

Billy Frontier

Billy Frontier (2003)

Billy Frontier its a Space Cowboy theme game with action arcade gameplay. Its formed by 3 minigames: Duels, Shootouts and Stampedes each with his own gameplay style. In Duels you'll have to press the correct number and key direction to fill a...


BlockBall (1990)

BlockBall is an action game where you have to press J or L on your keyboard to rotate a paddle.  Then you press SPACE and the paddle will directly swing at the ball in the direction the paddle is rotated at.  The goal in BlockBall is to...


Bolo (1992)

Bolo is a classic multiplayer tank warfare game. You can play against computer and human players on a network. There are many map editors that let you make your own maps. Second download contains a large collection of maps and tools. Most of it...


Bouncer (1992)

Bouncer is a nice little action strategy B&W game for Mac.  In Bouncer, there are a couple sets of 2 balls that each have a different pattern laid around what looks like a pool table. You control a paddle that you can rotate using arrow...

Brain Dead 13

Brain Dead 13 (1996)

An FMV animated game in the same vein of Dragon's Lair and Space Ace. Braindead 13 follows the adventures of Lance, a computer expert trapped in the castle of the evil Dr. Nero Neurosis. Use the arrow keys and space bar to guide...

Bublz in Paradise

Bublz in Paradise (1994)

Bubbles appear in the background and are brought to the foreground.  You only have just a couple seconds to explode them by clicking on them.  An interesting twist to the game is that power ups and bonus points randomly appear.  One...


Bugdom (1999)

Bugdom is a third person 3D action game in which you incarnate a beetle and explore a cartoon styled outdoors bugs kingdom.  Bugdom was shipped with DV iMacs in 2000 and was one of the first Mac games to make use of ATI TruForm 3D...

Bugdom 2

Bugdom 2 (2002)

Description from Pangea's website: You will make new friends in the Bugdom who will help you through each area. Keep an eye out for Sam the Snail and Sally the Chipmunk. Sam will usually make you prove your worthiness before he will help...

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