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Polybrid (1994)

Polybrid is a game with falling blocks. The objective is to stay in game by removing blocks. It is a hybrid game of Polytris and Poly-RC. It uses Polytris blocks and blocks can be removed as Poly-RC. Blocks with 1 to 4 squares drop from top and stop...


PolyMine (1994)

PolyMine is yet another Minesweeper type of game for Mac, except the grid's columns are slightly shifted up/down, complicating things a little.  It features sound effects and lets you costumize some of the randomly generated grids...


Polyominoes (2000)

Polyominoes is a puzzle game in which all kinds of shapes made out of squares have to be dragged and dropped in a canvas to complete the puzzle. Note: This is the only near year 2000 software that you cannot quit using CMD-Q.  Instead, you...


Polytris (1993)

Polytris is a game with falling polyomino blocks, 1 to 5 connected square blocks. The objective is to stay in game by removing rows. (You don't need explanation, do you?) Tetris  is one of variations of Polytris which uses only tetrominoes,...


Pop! (1997)

Pop the balloon dog is on his way to the moon, navigate through playing fields of hazard filled balloons, cats and other things in this reasonably fun puzzle platformer. Registration Code; Name - Inpher Code - RA-KR0PR-H (that's a...


PUZZ'L (1987)

PUZZ'L is a nice and complete puzzle maker and game.  You can copy/paste your own graphics and instantly turn it into a puzzle that you can play.  There is an embed timer and you can change the size and background color of unplaced...

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