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Mac Arcade Pak

Mac Arcade Pak (1994)

Mac Arcade Pak is a compilation that was released in 1994 on 2 floppy disks and that included 5 classic arcade game, mostly remakes: Bricklayer (a Tetris clone), HemiRoids 1.2 (inspired by Asteroids) and Macman Pro (based on PacMan).  It also...

Mac Pong II

Mac Pong II (1986)

Mac Pong II is a very simple game, in which you play Pong (Big surprise!) against the computer. There are varying levels of difficulty and ball speed, and you can even get the computer to play itself! I think that this is a very nice version of Pong...


Mac-Challenger (1985)

MacChallenger is a simulation of landing the Space Shuttle.  The parameters (glide slope, stall speeds etc.) were based on Nasa documents.  Unique features (Version 2) include an autopilot, weather, and an "after action" video...


MacAttack (1994)

You control a little green horseshoe shaped polygon at one end of the screen, and Blast away at an onslaught of viruses that spill in from the other. The game is simple to pick up and super responsive with it's mouse control. Alongside the...


MacBrickout (1993)

MacBrickout is an Arkanoid type of game.  It features color graphics and sound effects. The MacBrickout download also comes with the 5KB MacBrickout 0.0 prototype application (which runs way too fast on modern hardware)  


MacChase (1986)

MacChase is a very early B&W PacMan-like game for 1980's Macs without the PacMan graphics.  It features an easy to use, point and click, level editor, a highscore list, but super awkward controls that cannot be changed! >.< (You...


Macman (1992)

Macman is a PacMan clone for 68K Macs.  It only features B&W graphics and not many sound effects, but the gameplay is smooth and very similar to the original arcade game. This is not to be confused with Super Macman II released the same...

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