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Railroad Tycoon 3

Railroad Tycoon 3 (2004)

The final installment of the Railroad Tycoon series is the icing-on-the cake to wrap up the series. 25 scenarios recreating milestone landmark achievements and over 40 locomotives, with complex supply chains and advanced stock market features...


Recycle (1991)

A unique arcade game with a positive message about saving the environment.


Rescue! (1993)

Rescue! is an action/strategy game set in a Star Trek-like universe. You are in command of the Enterprise, and your mission is to rescue colonists on planets (by beaming down an away team) before the colonies can be destroyed by enemy ships. Return...

Ring: L'anneau des Nibelugen

Ring: L'anneau des Nibelugen (1999)

Ring est un jeux  d'aventure ou il faut résoudre des énigme il y à aussi une partit de combat et tout sa en 3D en 360 ° il est en français ,mais sur les cd il y a des ressource en anglais allemand...


RingWarp (1988)

RingWarp is a strategic drone battle simulation game for 2 to 5 players.  


Risk (1990)

This is a true classic strategy board game for Macintosh that dates back to the 80's. This MacRisk game (also named ColorRisk) is the same as its predececor B&W version from the 80's but now it's in color! This game allows you to...

Risk II

Risk II (2000)

Risk II is a total remake of the classic Risk game.  It now features advanced graphics, sounds, new ways to play, battle animations and more map options.  The objective of that classic strategy game remains the same: Deploy units on...


RoboSport (1991)

RoboSport is a network game where up to four teams of heavily armed robots engage in arena battle - but each one carries out a sequence of actions programmed into it before the beginning of the round.  You basically program directives and then...

Rock Scissors Paper

Rock Scissors Paper (1996)

" Now you can enjoy the ancient Babylonian game, Rock Scissors Paper, in the comfort of your own abode. This high quality Macintosh-compatible software novelty will provide endless eons of entertainment as you battle head to head against Argus...

Rollem 2.0c

Rollem 2.0c (1999)

Rollem is an exciting strategy marble game from Soleau Software. The objective in Rollem is to roll your marbles into a random maze and try to get them as far down as possible. Strategy is required as the arrow ramps are rotated with each marble....


Ruckus (1995)

Ruckus pits the player against the 'evil drug barons' across 22 levels of strategic planning and quick reactions. Command vehicles around and call in for mercenaries, weapons and equipment with the aim of rescuing all the hostages, burning...

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