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Jazz Jackrabbit 2

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 (1998)

Jazz is back from MS-DOS This is one of the best games you could honestly play on an old Mac. Think of Super Mario Brothers with a dash of Sonic and a taste of Contra, leaving you dying to use the level editor that's only on...


Jetpack (1992)

Fly around a maze in a hunt for the exit. Keep an eye on your fuel as it is finite, and avoid the hazards. Jetpack features colour graphics, catchy background tunes and delightfully addictive gameplay.

Jetsons Space Race

Jetsons Space Race (1996)

Jetsons Space Race is a fun little arcade game in which you have to fly your ship as fast as possible and drop your family members on the right building along the way, while paying attention to other ships flying next to you.  

Josh'a Apple Game

Josh'a Apple Game (1998)

Josh's Apple Game is about as straight forward as a game can get.  Josh is a little doggie.  He needs your help to catch the apple's falling from his apple tree.  You lead him back and forth across the screen to catch apples,...

Jump Zampoli

Jump Zampoli (1997)

Jump Zampoli is a unique (and very tricky) concept which challenges the player to factor in gravity and momentum to the familiar breakout format. Instead of a paddle, you have a teeter totter on wheels, and several 'Zampolis' to act as...

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