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Fire Pong II

Fire Pong II (2000)

Fire Pong is a two players combat-style pong game against the computer or a friend.  The objective is to bounce the ball behind the opponent's paddle while collecting power ups and shooting them! Player one moves with the arrow keys,...


FireZone (1988)

Fire Zone is a simple B&W arcade-style game involving a tank.The targets are stationary.  However, the tank has no brakes.  You must use keys to align the tank with a target and fire.  

Foobar Versus the DEA

Foobar Versus the DEA (1997)

A top down scrolling shooter similar to Mars Rising and Demos Rising. You have a normal shot and bombs used to destroy enemies on land/in water.

Foxchange Software's Cave Games

Foxchange Software's Cave Games (1999)

A collection of more arcade oriented BoulderDash clones : Cave Dig 1.4, Cave Fox 1.2, Crystal Rock 1.4, Escape Beyond 1.2, Mr. Cat's Quest 3.4


Frenzy (1984)

Frenzy is a rare snake game clone for early Macintosh models, released in early 1988 in the city of Montréal, Canada.  It does not feature any sound and graphics are in B&W.  Frenzy does feature 3 levels of difficulty (speed)...

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